Energy Planning for your City, State, or Country

  • Long-term forecasting models which account for land-use, line hosting capacity, and consumer adoption
  • Understand how the growth of solar, EVs, and storage affect your community and electric grid
  • Detailed electric grid modeling ensures your clean energy goals can actually be achieved
  • Gridtwin software remove the messy work of data collection, modeling, and troubleshooting

Gridtwin Planning Process

Use our pre-loaded data or customize with your own

Step 1

Select Data

Select the datasets to use in the long-term forcasting or upload your own.

Step 2

Set Targets

Select year-by-year targets for solar, EVs, and storage to meet your clean energy goals.

Step 3

Run Reports

Gridtwin forecasting models account for land-use, consumer adoption, financial viability, and network capacity to forecast growth for DERs.

Step 4

Review Results

Download detailed results for each individual project included in the forecast.

Details where they matter

Use Gridtwin’s parcel analytics to accurately predict the growth of solar and other energy resources in your community.

We’ve done the dirty work of collecting data and building models so you can focus on the import things.

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