Software Designed for Energy Developers

  • Search for ideal project sites
  • Map out the project details
  • Share results with your team
  • Run automated interconnection analysis

Screening for Interconnection

Find and receive an interconnection estimate in 5 minutes.

Step 1

Search for Sites

Use Gridtwin’s database to find the perfect ground-mount solar project.

Step 2

Explore the Map

Examine projects on the map with every data layer you need.

Step 3

Save and Share

Save the site to your account to analyze or share with your team.

Step 4

Simulate Interconnection

Use Gridtwin’s software to simulate and estimate interconnection cost.

A parcel database designed for developers

Search for the perfect site by any characteristic: distance from feeder, available hosting capacity, substation rating, and others. Gridtwin searches every acre of land to find ideal solar sites.

Explore, Share, Develop

Best-in-class mapping tools specifically designed for solar developers. Gridtwin simplifies the interconnection process, providing better information for all parties involved.

Designed for Renewable Developers

Gridtwin’s network models instantly estimate the impact and cost of interconnecting a project. Stop wasting time on infeasible sites.

Share Projects with your Team

Share projects across your team to streamline the development process. Export results for use in your own CRM software..